3 Steps for Increasing Your Targeted Twitter Followers

It might be that there comes a day as you glance upon your Twitter profile and wonder yourself this question “Why am I not getting the correct engagement out of this?”

Well, sure! Obviously, you can have up to hundreds and thousands of followers. But, what if they are just the passive type? Let’s see, you have followed each other, yet you fail to care about what neither of you post. For instance, Twitter profiles with 5000+ followers and just 2 retweets or any user reactions, it is definite that they are not rare to come by.

So, what is the problem that you have faced with?

Factually, it is clear that you have failed at having targeted Twitter followers who are really relevant to your interests and scope as well. It is sure that still having people who are following you, however, since your content fail to interest them that much, you can find that you get no engagement. And, as you see, this can be truly the death of your otherwise promising social media personae, it is not good at all. Thus, in this article, I’ll mention about how to get targeted Twitter followers. Also, I will share to you different methods supporting you to increase these targeted Twitter followers. Very interesting! Is it right? Now, let’s start!

Step 1. The top-down Celebrity approach

You just enter what I dub the approach of celebrity. Surely, I have no attention to tell you to follow the top celebrities across pop culture, for example, Rihanna. Now, focus on this, I mean you should try to find out who are known as the top experts in your industry. Also when you decide to make a list of them…

…then, you add their followers. Only! Remember, only!

So, what and why like this? Well, it might seem strange to you, I know this. But, you should know that it’s the best approach for you at the beginning. So, let’s face it, any industry leader won’t actually pay attention to you because they are too busy to do that. Their followers, however? It is sure that they will have a better interaction and also an engagement rate, as long as they are targeted Twitter followers for you, you will find that.

So, you are united by a very common interest with the fact that you follow your niche’s leaders. As a mundane, for normal people like you (social media celebrities, instead), they are the greatest foundation for a good, targeted Twitter list. In my viewpoint, I guess that the wrap up of this technique is to begin small, however, numerous, as long as the “numerous” aspect isn’t random and chaotic, relates to some similarity to what you do, however.

Step 2. You have to keep nurturing the already gathered targeted followers

For this step, let’s say that you have already got your own targeted Twitter followers, or you have begun accumulating them by the numbers, at least. So, consider that how can you make sure that they stay around and don’t flock to other Twitter users presented in your industry? And, how will you have an engagement with them to the maximum as you wish?

Here, it is especially true for the good old cliché of quality content rings. Indeed, you have a niche audience and things won’t do with information general about whatever you appear to come by on social media. It’s clear that you need to both supply value and continue with getting targeted Twitter followers.

Then, how can you get more targeted followers on Twitter?

You can choose to share what’s trending in your industry. Then, retweet popular industry leaders’ tweets, comprise prominent keywords that are related to your niche, also, you should interact with other mundane people. Be seriously careful with the topic that is related to hashtags you insert since they are a gold mine in order to increase your targeted audience. By retweeting (or tweeting) quality content paired up with an already established follower foundation and combining with the complete right keywords, these will help your profile look more lucrative to other Twitters users who are related to your interests.

Please keep in your mind that it is truly necessary for you to have the consistency here. As you can see, an off tweet or two is not matter, but if watering down your Twitter feed too much, as a result, you will find that you might put off a number of people, obviously. However, you will increase your targeted Twitter followers with no problems just by providing a constant, steady stream of niche information of great quality.

Step 3. Applying helpful apps and tools that can help you on your quest

For the question about how you can get targeted followers on Twitter also has another rather simple. However, it has a very useful answer just by applying the right Twitter tools.

As you know, social media is very famous for having all types of apps and software that both use your social media experience and improve your efforts as well. Of course, for Twitter, it is not an exception. With various kinds of software, they can help you get more targeted Twitter followers for free effectively. Certainly, some of them are paid. However, there are a wide range of tools absolutely free for your choice.

Let’s have a look at Tweepi, for example. With Tweepi, you can obtain the “Celebrity approach” that in an automated way, I said earlier. In detail, it allows you to follow the followers of another Twitter user, comprising, industry experts, of course.

Or you can use another set of apps called WeFollow or Twellow. Applying them, you can search across defined categories which are broken down by niche. Then, you can have a list of sports celebrities and top personae, and normal users as well; as cooking profiles; entrepreneurs and many others, also even the narrowest niches that you have actually never thought of them. When it comes to get targeted Twitter followers, both of these apps are invaluable, as you can see that their lists are in the thousands.

Lastly, in fact, it is not so hard for increasing your targeted followers on Twitter. However, it asks for some really careful planning and strategy, improving of your manual work by applying helpful software as well. With all these tips in mind, I really hope that you will be successful in growing your own niche audience!