5 Big New Social Media Marketing Tendencies

5 Big New Social Media Marketing Tendencies


When I see myself eating the exact same thing for breakfast, lunch & dinner during the work weeks I grow unfulfilled by the repetitiveness of my habits. Happily, this is not the case with social media. In social media marketing things are constantly changing, which is what keeps all of our careers interesting.

Each week, social platforms like Fb, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are releasing new features & improving old ones and naturally, our habits as marketers need to change to Mobimatic Review.

It is time to start gaining a competitive edge before the holiday haste, which is why you need to pay interest to these three big social media marketing & advertising trends that are the rage these days.

1: Live Video Streaming

As video has gotten over our social feeds, live streaming has popped up on the prospect as the hip new hip sidekick to usual video. Whether it be FB Live, SnapChat, Periscope, or Instagram, engaging with your customer in real-time through video is becoming essential to your social plan. Video helps civilize your brand, but live video connects a seperate to your brand, which is more powerful than well-produced noted content. The other advantage of live video is that the production quality is not expected to be high, which eases the creation process.

Most recently we have seen big brands use live video in many ways, Marc Jacobs using live video to take a sneak peak of their 2015 fashion line, The Tonight Show making a behind-the-scenes look backstage before the show and Madden video games making behind-the-scenes coverage of players.

These are HUGE brands. How can you use live videos? Live videos can be used to build enthusiasm about a new product release, show off your business culture, give live coverage of an event or even host a live Q&A with. The possibilities are endless.

Check out the post below for a video we made at Wistia of the unboxing of the Canon 5D MarkIV. This is a huge use-case of live video as the new video camera is a pretty deal for a huge chunk of our clients, so the live stream was especially interesting for our audiences.


2: Social SlideShow Advertisements

Ahh! More new & exciting forms of interactive visual content. What should be better!?

Social slideshows are popping up in more & more social networks & for good reason! Social slideshows are easy to make and can utilize videos, images, or both. Advertisers can pay to play for the babies leading to more, even more, exposure & interaction. So whether you are showing your new winter ski apparel or displaying videos promoting your upcoming conference; slideshows are a great way to help your social audiences interact with your brand in a memorable way.

These Advertisements also work! Take the sock company Stance for example; comparing their static image ads to slideshow Advertisements, they saw a decrease in cost per acquisition by 49%, a 2.42X increase in click-through-rate and a 1.48 increase in return on Advertisement spend. Pretty outstanding stuff! FB also just made some improvements to their slideshow Advertisements, outlined here.


3: Diversifying Landscape of Social Channels

With different forms of content & social interaction, we are also seeing more channels emerge as important places for marketers & advertisers to build a strong presence. Online social, run through platforms like Slack, are becoming a more & more important area for marketers to engage with their customers & prospects. Medium, Inbound.org and Reddit are critical places to spread awareness of your content. Not to mention Snapchat & Instagram are taking over with sponsored stories & in-line Advertisements. Long gone are the days of only having to maintain a FB and Twitter page.


Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers says: “Now, forms of interaction are beginning to diversify. Platforms like Snapchat are getting more one-sided conversations, in a more fleeting, temporary context. Brands & consumers are able to talk to each other in new, more varied ways and that range is only broadening,”

4: Instagram Stories

Instagram stole a page from Snapchat’s book by adding a story features at the top of the feed. Social browsers can see what their favorite Instagrammers are doing all day

So why copy Snapchat? Maybe FB is still a bit bitter about Snapchat’s declining to sell the app for $4 billion, but regardless the reaction to this new Instagram element was mixed. Some were outraged, others have their snap stories moved to their favorite social network.


This has been a big opportunity for company to showcase their brands in a prime location on the app. The Large brands like Starbucks, Taco Bell and JCrew have already been getting advantage, as well as smaller brands like Justin’s PB & HubSpot.

“Over time we look forward to announcing new advertising & other business opportunities as part of Instagram,” says the Instagram Business Blog. “In the meantime, we are excited to see all the ways our community will use it to highlight their companies on Instagram.”

5: Social Chat

Did you know that over 1000 million people use FB Messenger? WhatsApp has begun one of the biggest chat apps in the world. 77 of the top 100 Fortune businesses use Slack. Chat is no longer used for internal communications, but it is being used more & more to engage with prospects in a more personalized way.


According to Harvard Business Review “People are becoming more interested in actually communicating, rather than broadcasting,” Marketers need to begin utilizing chat apps to involve in real-time with their leads rather than posting & wishing for the best. In the future, bots will likely make this scalable in new & fascinating ways.