A Slight Change has been done in Facebook’s Logo

FB Corporation has been serving as a social media for many yrs with good reputation. Now, the logo of FB is well-known by the people of all over the world. To make the logo more suitable & attractive for the mobile users, on Tuesday, this social media giant has made a slight change in their logo.

In the new logo, the more white space has been added between each letter & also with a singe-story “a”. FB says that, day-by-day the number of customers is increasing rapidly &  most of them are using FB by mobile phone. Now, more than 90% of 1.44billion total FB users are using this social media with their mobile phone. Considering this fact, FB has made this change in their logo so that their logo is appeared more attractively in the mobile phone.

The first logo was made in 2005 & this Corporation has made a change for the first time in their logo. They say that, at the initial stage, FB was not an established and well-known company & that is why they didn’t change their logo ever. But, right now, it’s seen that, FB is now a well established company & this is the high time to concentrate on every change which can make people more delighted.

FB is constantly trying to do that to make users satisfied all the time and as for example we can see that, recently this Corporation has launched FB Light to provide facility for the users who don’t have fast internet connection and they’ll always try to bring something new for the users.

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