Ever wanted to scrape back some functionality that YouTube, in its intelligence, made a decision to stop providing? Or maybe there’s something that’s always naged you about a firm factor but you never had the time or slant to look for a resolution. We make a look at some of the best YouTube hacks from around the web so you don’t have to. It isn’t a complete list by any means but we’ve been testing them out at ReelSEO Towers and a lot of them have come in reel handy.

Browser Hints and Tricks For YouTube


Silence All Open YouTube Tabs of You At The Touch Of One Button

Ever skipped across YouTube, opening up a score of dissimilar videos only to miss track of the one that recently playing that irritating One Direction song actually loudly? Fortunately, there are some of additions you can download that will silence each open YouTube tab at the press of a button.

To Pre-load Complete YouTube Videos By Disabling Dash Playback

DASH or called Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, is the streaming protocol that YouTube make of using which preloads just a few seconds of vidio before playback. You’ll should allow designer mode in Chrome to set up the addition but it’s worth it if you want access to this helpful bit of functionality. You can read furthermore at here.

To Strip off YouTube Down To The Bare Bones

YouTube Options is a Chrome Extension that permits you to strip off the player right back by disabling pre-roll and in video ads as well as glosses and other interruptions. It will also disable DASH as well as exchange options of you for solution size, looping and play again and keyboard or mouse controls.

To View YouTube videos in the Firefox Sidebar

This useful little Firefox extension permits to play YouTube video of you in the sidebar. Granted, they’ll be super small but it means you can bring on with browsing or doing real work at the same time. The addition also disables pre-roll ads so you can jump right into the video itself.

To Add up an Automatic Pause Factor for YouTube Videos in Firefox

Another great little hack for Firefox handlers is ‘YouTube Smart Pause’ which unconsciously stops the video you are viewing if you alter to another open tab on browser of you. If you always seem to have a bajillion YouTube tabs open like me then this is really useful.

To Pull Throughout Lyrics For YouTube Videos on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Yay, I am fond of this one! I’m a sucker for lyrics and I’ve been happily bobbing along for years with the lyrics to a song open on one tab while YouTube is open on another. Yes, I know a lot of fan videos overlay the lyrics these days but ‘YouTube Lyrics’ carries it all together in one tab without, you know, the clip art.

To YouTube Ratings – So You Don’t Should Waste Your Time

Find out some information on YouTube and are introduced with 50 videos about the same subject? Sort out the wheat from the banter with this Chrome Extension which talks you how many love and hate a video has got.

To Add up YouTube Videos To Wikipedia Articles

Chrome Extension WikiTube permits you to add up related videos to the top of every Wikipedia page. Granted, these are for benefit of you, you can’t set in the videos in the page (unfortunately) but its useful little trick nevertheless, esp if you are a perfect deal of research and are trying to stay pointed.

URL Hints And Tricks For YouTube

To Altering the YouTube URL for a given video offers some perfect factors that you may not be aware of. We list some of the best below.

Video Blocked In Country Of You?

Exchange the URL from to – This also opens the video in full screen mode.

Autoplay Embedded Video Of You (If You Must)

Want the video you’ve just embedded to play unconsciously when someone lands on the page? Just add up the subsequent suffix to the Embed code: &autoplay=1.

To Design Playlists of Favourite Artists of You

This hack, from YouTube itself, permits you to create new music and design playlists. YouTube Disco is outstanding for background music if you can’t be made an effort to fire up Spotify or Pandora. I tried it by using Duran Duran and it gone back 100 tracks in a playlist, which I’m recently listening to, fact fans.

To Snakes Easter Egg

Want to play a classic game of ‘Snakes’ while browsing YouTube? Of course you do. Just stop and then start again the video you are viewing, grasp the left arrow key for at least 2 seconds while holding the UP arrow key at the same time. Note: this will only work via the site, not on embedded videos on other sites.

To Supersize YouTube Screen of You

YouTube Leanback permits you to view the videos of choice of you in HD full screen quality – fabulous for those times you want to catch the laptop up to TV screen of you and view Epic Meal Time in all its glory.

To Print Out A YouTube Video. No, truly.

Well, the team complete at Labnol swear you can print out a YouTube video – the storyboard part of it anyway. They’ve designed a little bookmarklet for bookworms that stitches up all of the storyboard frames together.

To Embed Video on a Web Page with Google Drive

You can embed almost any video from YouTube but if you haven’t uploaded it to that site yet then you can still embed it on your webpage using Google Drive. Just upload, open and head to File > Embed this Video.
To Compel YouTube to Make Use of The HTML5 Player

The player is not been able for all of videos but if you’ve had a sense of taste of it and want to take it the default version than you can make use of a easy Greasemonkey script that compels YouTube to play videos back in that mode.

Please let us know favourite hints of you and workarounds in the feedbacks below!