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Autobiographies give us insights into the lives of famous figures and brilliant writers in their own words. From political figures like Benjamin Franklin and Nelson Mandela to celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne, you’ll find plenty of great reads to choose from in our wide-ranging selection. Whether you want to learn more about your favourite celebrities, gain a new perspective on the world or learn more about past events, order everything from our huge range of autobiography books with free worldwide shipping.

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The best biographies from global personalities

From the late American high court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg to celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls, autobiographies afford unparalleled insights into the lives of famous people from the past and present. Feel closer than ever to the people who shape all aspects of popular culture, sports, government and more with life stories told in their own words.

Stirring memoirs and challenging stories

Not all autobiographies are written by sports stars and TV celebrities. Discover a new world of funny, powerful and challenging life stories, including Florence Given’s challenge to outdated patriarchal narratives in Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, John Cameron’s tale of his Irish industrial school childhood in Boy 11963, and The Reason I Jump, the groundbreaking autobiography of a Naoki Higashida, a severely autistic, non-verbal thirteen year old boy. Order your next read online to discover true stories from brilliant authors worldwide.