New Facebook Live Video Features for Marketers


Do you want to understand much more about Facebook Live?Facebook Live Video-compressed

As we know, Facebook is a very big social network, almost people know using it. It has many enjoyable features, curently Facebook Live has expanded its features, the new Facbook marketing opportunities will be provided for you. Check Out: eCom Success Academy

This article will instruct discover why Facebook marketers should know about the newest Facebook Live video features.

#1: Post Live Video to Your Profile, Pages, Groups, and Event Pages

Where do you want to post your status, live video?, right, the first of the new features of Facebook Live video is where you can broadcast. Everybody should be able to post live video to a personal profile and you want to be visible or not based on setting you choose (public, friends, etc.)

The second, another where you can broadcast live video is your Facebook pages, after broadcasting status will automatically have public visibility. There’s a great need for finding a way to your Facebook page throught the main Facebook app or tap on the Publish button.

There, You have some options to post you live video if your page is accessible.

Third, the Facebook groups which you engaged, you should be able to broadcast live video on them. If you post on any group, only the members of that group can see visibility and information. The privacy of visibility of your live video in groups depends on security of the group itself.

Note, each group has it’s own rules so whether live video allows post resting on each group.The group’s in the following example does not allow.

And the last one, the most of event pages you have invited or press interested button or responded as going, you are able to broadcast live video , which also mean anyone who can see the event they can see your live video but it depens on one thing whether the event was created by who (public or private)Facebook Live Video1-compressed

#2: Go Live

Although Facebook live video have many new features, go live is not yet. But fliter and

There aren’t many new features for going live yet, but the feature of filters and draw on your screen are so great, according to screenshots like the one below from Facebook’s live video media assets.

Until then, you will feel having interesting things because of your experience becoming many things like this. When you’re ready to go live to any of the above-mentioned areas, it is to start enjoy by tapping the live video icon and entering description your status update

You’ll see a simple countdown timer as you press the Go Live button, it will help you to get good prepared to be live. If  you want to broadcast through rear-facing camera, really simple, you can just tap on the icon at the top right to switch from your front-facing to rear-facing camera.

Once you go live, To know how long you’ve been broadcasting and your current number of live viewers looking at the top left. To see comments and reactions from your viewers looking at the bottom. When you’re finished with your broadcast, tap the Finish button to end.

At the same time, upload an HD version of your video to your personal profile, page, group, or event page or save the video to your camera roll that basing on you.

#3: Get Additional Live Video Insights as a Page Owner

Different from upload HD video and save the video to your camera roll to share on other netword, as live video version completely post on your Facebook pages, immediately, you can see the number of people watched your live video

while live video is broadcasting on your page you can’t increase it, you only boost once the broadcast has ended, like any other post.

In addition, to see analytics for your video in the most recent posts section. you can access your Insights and get analytics for the post itself after the broadcast has ended

These insights will include analytics for the live video broadcast.

Base on advantage of this feature, your Facebook page could get a considerable boost. After your video has gone live, people will have the option to subscribe following your future live videos.

#4: Engage With Live Video Using Comments and Reactions

The viewers could only comment post, video, image that is an ancient. A new feature of Facebook live video can support the viewer engaging during a broadcast such as comment and send reactions which float across the video screen like hearts Periscope and props on Blab.

Not only add a comment in the comment box but also just need sliding the comment bar to the left be able to send a reaction

#5: Discover Live Video in New Ways

In addition to registering to your favorite live video broadcasters, Facebook instruct discovery live video simpler in a number of ways. First off, desktop users can use The Live Map feature to find live video broadcasters. Note that what you find won’t always be safe.

Live video will be updated on several areas by Facebook in order to stand live video out. For example, in search and trending topics of the Facebook app will have live video sign, live video will also be at the top of the video search results in the Facebook app, as shown in this screenshot from Facebook’s live video media assets

The Messenger icon will be swapped out for a Videos icon

As you can see, Facbook is going to and will invest more in live video, why you do not own this great app right now.

In Conclusion

On the market, Facebook Live is quite fresh, but it is a potential phenomenon which take over all of the other live broadcast

Curently, this app are the iphone operating system, but some Android users may also have access to these features.

What do you think about this? How do you plan to incorporate live video into your marketing plan? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!