Great Tips for Asking Twitter Followers to Like Your Facebook Page

For convincing your Twitter followers, it is very effective if you can give them good solid understandable reasons to connect your Facebook community. With the text for inviting the Twitter followers, for example, it might be “Join the very useful discussion about new arrivals in garden and landscaping tools! You may invite them to get more knowledge about new research in order to prevent the dampness”, etc. Then, you may write link to your Facebook Page like this “/yourfacebookpage”, at the end of your invitation. Check out: Video Agent X Review

It is effective to have an update of your Facebook fan page on the Twitter a few times a week so that your page can attract new Likes. In similarity, it is also a better practice to point them directly to your page by using a very simple text message, for instance “Have fun with us on our tweets! Just join us on the Facebook to get more fun! Also, you may invite them as “Click here: /yourfacebookpage”. For avoiding repetition, you can have a choice of creating a few variations of the text mentioned above and then you just invite them with similar alluring text.Great Tips for Asking Twitter Followers to Like Your Facebook Page1-compressed

Practice to share your Facebook statuses on the Twitter

If posting something on your Facebook Fan page, and also need it can be shared with your Twitter followers, through a direct link, you can do it easily. For sharing it, you just click on the time stamp of your Facebook status update. Mostly, a link in grey color that shows the time as “10 hrs ago”, it tells the time of the posted material. Then, it will open it in a separate page by clicking the above stated link. Now, simply copy the URL of page and paste it in order to make it part of your tweet. Moreover, you can customize the tweet to show the visitors who need to know about it.

Create QR code links to your Facebook Page

QR is known refer to Quick Response; basically, the codes are the barcode. It is similar to any square image as scanned by a Smartphone camera will link it to the desired webpage. Thus, you will find very easy to create and fast to put anywhere. It may that you put these on print adverts or brochures, even on product packets as well. It is clear that QR codes are really handy social media tools, you, however, shouldn’t place these on inappropriate places, your Facebook profile photo, for example, etc. also, you can even create customizable QR codes because there are various sites as offering customized QR codes for free to support you.

Ask Twitter Followers to like your Facebook Page by sending them email

Let’s see, do you have a list of email marketing?

If not, you should make one. You can send email message to the dedicated audience to ask them to like you on Facebook by using this list. But, it requires you to give good solid reason in your message. At the bottom of your messages, you must include links to ask them to join your Facebook page or any other social network profile as you wish.

Focus on your brand in order to increase your reach

Lastly, please have a look at the ‘Following’ tab on the Facebook. Mostly, it is filtered that has a meaning there are chances someone despite likes your page, one may not make up his or her mind to view the contents. Therefore, in response to such filters, you should focus on your passionate fans so that you can multiply your followers by large. Hopefully, these useful tips can contribute effectively to your great achievement.