The Reason for Every Small Business Needs YouTube Director for Business

The Reason for Every Small Business Needs YouTube Director for Business

One of the fastest growing forms of online advertisingis video advertising. In fact, total video ad spend is expected to grow by 28.5 percent within the year according to MemberHub. It has a crazy – high barrier to entry- is just one issue with that video advertising. Advertisers need collateral to promote and lament the idea of actually designing video ads. They require significantly more time, skills and resources than any an image ad, an email campaign or even old text ad.

At best, most small, low-budget advertisers end up using an existing tutorials or training videos that are not really created to be advertisements, likely yielding disappointing results. More commonly, they avoid video advertising altogether. When you fall into either of these categories, I will be happy to report that AdWords just rolled out the answer to your prayers. Let me introduce you to YouTube Director for Business, an app that is even cooler than Tinder and Snapchat combined (at least to marketing nerds as yours truly, that is).YouTube Director for Business-compressed

This totally free (!!) new app simplifies the video creation process, in just a few minutes it permits you to design a professional-caliber video ad. I am not joking – it literally spoon-feeds the video creation process to you.

What type of story you would like to showcase is the only real decision you have to make. Even it is easy for this selection process! The app holds templates by genre (a la Netflix) for those that have a story-type in mind. When you do not, just head to the “By Business” tab to view video styles that were developed specifically for your vertical.YouTube Director for Business2-compressed

The app will give you the opportunity to view an example designed by the crew at YouTube and give you a quick overview of the intended mission of the video for each template option. And also tells you what do you prepare for the shoot. You will learn exactly how many shots the video will require, the number of people you will need to manipulate the camera or “act” in the ad, whether you want to write a script in advance or not, and about how much time the filming will get.

Once you have chose your template once, the fun start. To begin by reviewing each of the shots you will be taking. If you click in to view each shot, the app will provide an in-depth explanation of what you should be doing and saying in the shot, along with an animated, cartoon-style example. I recommend walking through each shot ahead of time to get a sense for what images will be appearing along with the voiceover and prepare a rough script .YouTube Director for Business2-compressed

For our sample video, we elected the “Short Advertisement – Mobile App” template, which Director for Business cautioned would take about from 30 to 60 minutes to finish. We began to write out a rough script on a whiteboard, which spent about 15 minutes. Once the script was fully drafted, we recorded the audio, which we breezed through in 10 minutes, because we knew exactly what we would like to say. Then all 8 scenes, it took about a half hour filming (but it would have been method shorter when we had not gallivanted all around our office park for the right shots!). Finally, we added text to the introductory and CTA shots to finish off the visuals.

It was easy to do this step-by-step video production, and by the end of the hour, we had a totally compelling, cohesive ad. To play music throughout the video, while reviewing a rough copy, we also found that you can add it. Because it is organized by both genre and mood, the app of selection is massive, you are guaranteed to discover something that will live with your content.

To check out our finished product!

While it may not be the fanciest video ad out there, it is pretty darn impressive for a crew with script-writing skills, acting or zero camera operating, armed with a crappy old iPhone 5C. To video ad creation that many small businesses need, the gateway is YouTube Director for Business. Today, to download it and give it a try for yourself!

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