Remove Your Fake Twitter Followers Through These Great Apps!

In the field of social media, having a huge number of followers can shows that every single one of them is genuine, it is a common misconception you should notice. Or else, if there are fake accounts among these, still, this is a good thing, also.

In fact, no, it’s not like it can show. It’s really unhealthy for your social media presence and also an absolute death happened to your engagement rate as well. Thus, in this article, I’ll be concentrating on Twitter and also how to get of fake Twitter followers causing pollution to your social media profile. Firstly, however, let’s elaborate the reason why they are extremely harmful to you.

How can you have a check if a Twitter profile is fake?

As I mentioned, it is obvious that having too much fake Twitter followers will decrease the credibility of your social media. Let’s see, engagement rate will plummet, and the people will wonder why with, for instance 20k followers, and you’re only getting 1 or 2 retweets and with just several favorites. Thus, we all know that it makes a really bad impression, and it even risks your account being deleted as well.

In order to add to the bunch, it is so easy that you are exposed to unwanted spam or you might even become a victim of phishing attempts, too. So, all in all, for this type of followers, you have to both black them promptly and remove every single one of them quickly.4 Important Tips for a Very Successful Profile on the Facebook

Well, how can you know one is a fake Twitter follower?

Let’s see, most of the time, they lack a profile picture, you can find that they are not active at Twitter at all, and have a lot of people who they are following, however, no one is really following them, in this way, you can recognize them. In other words, a completely dead social media profile is a dummy.

Now, we’ve cleared about that; let’s find how to remove these fake Twitter followers with the apps below.

Fakers App

If deciding to manually remove fake Twitter followers that is your choice. It, however, will take great efforts and can still be prone to errors, also. Thus, this explains why the best way to block your fake followers on Twitter is to apply several specialized apps.

About riding the “fake” terminology, there is the Fakers App for your use. As you can see, this software courtesy of Status People and it allows you to monitor your followers. Then, with fakers, spam accounts, and possible empty profiles, they are all monitored and presented to you; hence, you can decide to block any fake followers as you want.

For firing up the Fakers App is straightforward, you just click the Connect to Twitter button, and then, you only start to take the action of removing unwanted Twitter followers. Remember that if having a greater number of followers, you can see that the monitoring process might take a while.

However, you will have cleared up your Twitter followers list in the end.


It is definite that TwitterAudit, the last selection of the three apps I’m recommending. About this type of app, it is absolutely great for bigger accounts for the reason that in contrast with FakeFollowers, TwitterAudit itself gets a rather large sample of your followers. And, by large, I mean a staggering up to 5000!

Again, with the app, it follows a strict algorithm measuring each profile and presenting a score that corresponds to the monitoring process. Here, the algorithm relates to keep track of the followers to following ratio, also tweet history (as in, we see that the number of tweets present in the profile), and the final tweet the account has really put out on social media.

You just have a click on the Run an Audit button, it allows access to your Twitter account, and then, you’re set.

So, it is complete for the list of the best 3 apps that you can apply in order to remove fake Twitter followers. Also, you might test out all of them to find which works best for you. Please, however, just make sure that you totally get rid of your fake followers on Twitter as soon as possible! As I opened up the article with, it is harmful to your social media presence and engagement if keeping many of these.