8 Creative Ways to Use Live-Streaming for B2B Brands 1/3 – Instamate 2.0

Live-streaming is a great method for companies that want to spread their technological wings without spending a fortune on & and video equipment. Now all it takes to go live is a decent smartphone, a strong connection, and the right app.

No matter how you use Instamate 2.0, live-streaming can be engaging & help build brand connection, drawing your audiences in and, done right, keeping them there. The question you should ask is not if a live-streaming video is an effective marketing asset, but how can you put it to work for your B2B plans.

Here are 8 creative ways you can make live-streaming work for your Instamate 2.0. Instamate 2.0

1. Walk New Customers Through Any Process -Instamate 2.0

Live chatting is passé compared to streaming Instamate 2.0. Give your customers -or old ones if you are introducing a new service / product – an opportunity to see how everything works first hand.

Let’s say you want to walk new customers through the ordering system – you can put together a pre-recorded video showing them the steps, but why not make it more personal? Set up an appointment & live-stream a demonstration.

You could factor this added benefit in with other perks, like having the account manager on hand to answer questions during the stream, perhaps. You could live-stream your video to multiple offices within the same company so they can communicate with each other, and get everyone on the same page.

2. Live-stream Your Customer Service

Along the same lines, you could consider letting customers request a live-stream for customer service issues.

By using streaming for this Instamate 2.0, you remove that annoying game of tag that often comes with online customer service – no more misunderstandings because of poorly worded emails / disconnected chats.

Your customer gets to make a personal & direct connection with the exact person handling the problem.

3. Make the Most of Beta Testing

Adding live-streaming to your testing process could give you expanded real-time feedback on new products & services.

You could interact with testers from over the world without ever leaving the office. Take the concept a step further by using it to bring in new stakeholders, even for crowdsourcing.

4. Live-stream Project Updates

Lose the photo updates & slideshows and go live – your business customers will appreciate the real-time peek into a project and the transparency you provide by streaming.

You can walk them through key milestones & offer impromptu demonstrations, all while getting immediate feedback for quick & easy changes.

5. Get Connected

There is no rule that says you have to be the one in front of the camera – use live-streaming to connect to influencers in your industries by attending shows.

Take the chance to introduce yourself, chat about your company and, generally, just get noticed. You can never tell where that kind of influencer marketing plan might take your business.

6. Sign Them Up

Offer exclusive live-streaming seminars & information sharing to sign people up to email lists & social media accounts.

You can gate your streams by asking for an email address to take part in the broadcast.

7. Behind the Scenes at Industry Events

Give your customers a peek into the newest trends at conferences & expos by live-streaming the event.

This gives your audience a firsthand look at things that may directly affect their business in the coming year – while giving you a chance to see which new ideas & trends they find most appealing.

8. Provide Content They Can Use

Live-streaming can be your connection to your customer’s Instamate 2.0.

Think about that for a minute.

You can use live-streaming video to help your customers develop their sales or deal with customer service issues, perhaps help them showcase products by offering a behind-the-scenes tour during a sale / store event.

How about working with your customers to create an online class for a product you produce but they sell?

The potential use cases for live-streaming are limitless, and given the engagement live videos generate, it is definitely worth considering how you could utilize this medium in your marketing process.

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