Vidello Review

Vidello Review

Vidello Review – YouTube is killing your conversions… FREE HOSTING is COSTING you… BIG TIME!

Yes, FREE hosting is costing you…

What you saying

Listen, you have usually just 1 shot to Deliver your marketing message to your Potential customer or lead.

So you spend hundreds of dollars on paid-ads To get traffic to your website. Your sales page Is looking great, your copy is on point and
Your sales video is looking hot.

Though your sales aren’t!


Many people are using YouTube to host Their sales videos because it’s free…

Free but very costly.

You see, VSL’s are proven to convert Far better than just text-based sales pages.

But when you use YouTube as your host For your VSL, many people click away on The YouTube logo and are sent away from
Your sales pages, into the distraction of The wonderful world of YouTube entertainment.

You lose their undivided attention and the Money you spent on the traffic is going down The drain.

What you want is:

1. Your traffic to engage in your entire message
2. Then click on the buy button to make the sale.

Not only are you killing conversions but also With free YouTube hosting you have no idea
How your videos are actually performing.

You aren’t able to see advanced analytics Or split-test a couple videos to see which Video is converting best and so you just hope
What you have will work.

Though when it comes to your business, providing For your family’s you can’t leave your sales in A place of hope!

You need to ensure what you’re doing will Work and set yourself up for success by analysing, Making changes and testing to ensure maximum results!

With that said, you need to check this video out It will show you a way to ensure your sales aren’t Tanking and How to optimise your video Marketing campaigns to ensure you succeed.

Meet vidello. Where video meets marketing
With video being the most important conversion booster on all sales pages & funnels, it makes no sense not to use a professional hosting and marketing solution. Being able to instantly stream your message, A/B split-test, analyse how your video is performing, as well as add on pro call-to-actions to enhance the sales process is now all available inside of Vidello!

Although there are other options you are either left with very expensive video hosting platforms such as Wistia costing $99 -299 p/m, or the limited features & slow hosting of Vimeo. We decided to create the first advanced video hosting & marketing platform, specifically designed for the marketing community at a super affordable price. Giving you the ability to securely host and stream videos for your sales funnels and membership sites in one beautifully designed video platform.