Vote Stream Review – Vote Stream lets you run live votes inside your Facebook live vid

Vote Stream Review

VoteStream is easy to use & loaded with the powerful marketing features you need to get the most from this amazing new technology.

100% Cloud based dashboard: simply log in and create your Vote Stream campaign from anyplace. You can even set it up to go Live remotely, operating fully from a remote URL!
Custom campaigns: use their beautiful, proven to convert templates with the big HD image library & all the styling options to create an almost infinite flow of new, fresh campaign stylesvotestream-review-compressed

Video backgrounds: they built Vote Stream for max engagement, and nothing gets peoples attention more quickly than a subtle animated background video….and they built this into Vote Stream. You can even stream audio background music!

Flexible voting methods: you can setup your campaigns to show actual votes, or a %. They even built in a ‘kickstart’ function where you can give some random ‘early vote’ values to the choices on screen so it doesn’t look like a boring “nothing happening” campaign.

Vote Stream is LOADED with design resources, full Youzign integration & everything you need to create endless campaigns

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To take advantage of cutting edge technology like this, you need to act fast.

If you sit on the fence, your competition will have jumped off long ago and gone to work while you are left there. VoteStream is your way to supercharge your results…and you will not have to break the bank to do it.

Remember the old way of getting a following on Fb? Endless Fb ads & slogging away posting endless content. With VoteStream, you need only craft a good voting campaign that will interest your audience, then let them do the work for you.

Nothing out there is getting as much engagement as these live votes inside live videos…and Fb loves engagement.

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