WP Site Guardian Review

WP Site Guardian:

  • Blocks XSS attacks
  • Blocks CSRF attacks
  • Blocks SQLi attacks
  • Blocks Directory Traversal attacks
  • Notifies You of threatening attacks
  • Configurable Ban For Persistant attackers
  • Form & comment form protectionwp-site-guardian-review1-compressed

WP Site Guardian – Hackers Do not Even Break a Sweat…
Down-load Exploit… Copy… Paste… Hacked!

10,000’s of Exploits are Available To Down-load For Free Right Now

There are literally 100’s of websites offering exploits allegedly for “ethical reasons”. These websites are like a free locksmith’s store with bump keys for any website. The reality is anybody can down-load an exploit and deploy it – this could be a hacker, someone you have upset or even a bad competitor.

Just 1 Bad Plugin or Update and Your website Is Theirs

How Would Even You Know Which One?

Hackers have 1000’s of exploits at their disposal – these exploits do not even require any skill – just COPY, PASTE, hit ENTER – HACKED!

Once a hacker discovers what vulnerability your website has it’s a simple case of Googling the “plugin name + exploit” – downloading the code and deploying it on your web-site.

Hackers are lazy by nature… it’s a common belief that hackers slave away trying to break into sites – nope… it’s a case of find a bad wp plugin in your code – download exploit & it’s all over.

Now unless you’ve loads of time on your hands to look through exploit sites or are a security programming genius that can find a needle in a haystack, you will never know how exposed you really are.

You will Get Blocked By Search Engines For Hosting…
A Fake Store, An Attack Site or A Phishing Site…

WP Site Guardian – There’ s nothing worse than being told by one of your clients that your site is blocked by Google.

Before your website even gets blocked though there’s a very good opportunity that many of your traffic will become vicims of hacking…

Their PC’s may be infected with password stealing malware, their credit card details may be skimmed, or they’ll simply see some hactivist’s message & totally lose trust in your business.

Now that’s hardly a sensible way to operate a business.

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