WP Theme Ultima Review – Wp theme collection w/ 20 Million Dollars worth of expertise ‘baked-in’



They are fed up with the crap out there regarding purchasing WP Themes. 3rd party theme sites like Theme forest have taken over the WordPress theme experience & that’s not good.

99% of Theme forest or marketplace theme developers are the creator, designer, & support staff all-in-one leading things like poor support, no tutorials to make the theme like the pictures, themes that stop getting updates, etc

Themes are suppose to help market your business, but 99% of them are created by graphic designers not REAL marketers that look pretty but do not really convert

Most developers on 3rd party sites work for several companies and copy & paste parts of one theme to another leading to themes that all kind a look the same

3rd Party developers/designers are after the quick sale…meaning they overload the themes with 6000+ features you have to sort through and figure out to try and make a quick buck.

Theres not really a lot of premium choices for serious marketers like product release themes, membership themes, etc. just a bunch of blogging ones that all kinda look the samewp-theme-ultima-review-compressed

Tavern Theme

Tavern is an authority theme focused on drinks. The main benefits are ease of setup, the clean design & large gallery for showing off drink shots.

Spotlight Preview

This theme cuts out all the extra fluff & gives photographers the elements they need to attract more business. This is a theme that benefits people with the highest quality work because the images are all very large & viewable. A key selling point is that all other themes require 3rd party galleries that are hard to setup, hard to update & there is a change the plugin will be suspended leaving the user to have to start all over.

ChillSlick Theme:

Showcase your businesses features with strategic CTAs mixed in. Comes with a great ‘front-page’ and unique blogging section.

Cool Splash Theme

This site has a singular purpose.  It’s a showcase for products (or services).  Businesses & product owners can showcase a single product, its features/benefits and utilize the prominent calls-to actions to ‘learn more’ buttons.  Besides being able to display anything on the homepage via the featured section at the top, there is also a carousel or slider to showcase more information about their product(s).

Authority Zone Theme:

Authority Zone is a theme made to promote a down-loadable product. E-books, webinars,video clips and audiobooks to name a few would do very well on this theme. It features different selling point sections from social proof to industry leaders. The main benefit of this theme is its directness to get the user to buy the product.

Simple Divine Theme

Your message and content just pops out of the page with a special faux 3D effect. Your web-site will become immediately noticeable in the on-line noise.

Bold Hook Theme:

A cash making, persuasive web-site to help sell your physical or digital product.

PhotoBold Theme:

Perfect for any portfolio-based web-site. Great for SEO agencies, spas, lawyers, and more.

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